Is your accessibility all that you want it to be?


In most instances, event organisers tend to provide what has become the market ‘go-to’ solution for accessible toilet provision. Only a person who does not live with a disability would ever consider these to be accessible, because in truth they are not.

They are too small for most accessible needs, regularly considered un-hygienic, used by people who do not need them and often placed in such a way that they cannot even be used!

Seen as a solution to a statutory requirement, these toilets simply hide the truth behind disabled accessibility to outside event and do nothing to promote the corporate responsibility of event organisations.

Could you imagine giving medical uniforms to just anyone and then claiming to have medical cover at an event? Well that is what is happening with accessible toilets. Someone puts a wheelchair sticker on a box and hey presto! – it’s accessible!

In the pictured photograph of a portaloo we see that this one been placed in a lop-sided position, but it is set back from the hard standing up a curb with the door handle on the wrong side to make opening the door whilst at least remaining on the grass impossible

So, we designed something useful…

A mobile vehicle #solootion that meets the needs of everyone. 

There is a flushing toilet which cleans with every flush and closes off the sceptic tank to reduce bad odours. Approved disabled grab rails are available beside the toilet which may also be accessed from either side. This is because some people have more strength and dexterity to transfer on alternate sides. 

Both the toilet and the changing bed can be accessed using the ceiling hoist. This is an important piece of equipment as very often the users are simply too heavy for assistants to lift. Also, the ceiling aspect of the equipment leaves the floor space free for wheelchair movement and prevents any tripping hazard that floor hoists may cause.

The adult sized changing table is there because those of us with core strength issues or the ability to control bodily functions need to have a place to lay down for assistants to help with changing of sanitary products. This bed is hydraulic so that personal assistants may raise it to a comfortable working level.

Hot and cold running water is essential to maintain hygiene as well. Any accidents may allow for washing and the warm water is an important aspect of the disinfection process.

Then of course many events involve darker hours and this place is not the warmest to be changing someone or even going to the toilet in a cold, dark place – so we provide heat and light too.

None of the tasks above would be possible without the floor space to match, which is another important feature of an AccessoLoo. Kept clean so that any person with a service animal can have the confidence that it is not laying down in a urine-soaked floor.

Finally, all AccessoLoos are attended throughout each event. This is to ensure that the AccessoLoos maintain their high standard of cleanliness and on the rare occasion that something needs to be adjusted with the equipment, we can do that too. 

Providing an AccessoLoo at your event as an alternative to the plastic portaloo will take your event to another level when thinking about disability access. It acknowledges your corporate responsibility to the disabled community, makes you a welcoming organisation and allows you to be compliant with current legislation.