HQ Upgrade

HQ Upgrade

When we secured the premises to become our new headquarters, we were thankful to have retained somewhere to keep the AccessoLoos out of the Winter weather. However, our new home needed some reservations to make it fit for purpose, as there was a leaking roof, no secure rear door, the lighting was poor, and the electrics were very aged. Possibly the worst attribute was the toilet: situated 100 metres away in a cold, draft outhouse. As we approached 2020, we had hoped to tackle one job at a time as finances would allow. Then like the rest of the country our business activity came to a shuddering stop.

This was devastating news at first, but as the Spring went on, we received offers of help from local tradesmen, who wanted, possibly needed something to do; for the sake of their own mental health if nothing else.

With this extra help we were able to roll ahead with taking down mezzanine floors, knocking down walls, and building an office/storeroom. These jobs allowed us to have more flexibility with the movement of the AccessoLoos internally as well as keep any dry goods in a safe dry place and give us somewhere to at least have a cup of tea in warmth during the cold days to come.

Next, we were able to add a new front entrance door, secure the rear door, repair the roof leaks, and do a re-wire of the electrics within the building. These made the functionality of our new home much better, keeping it dry and removing the need to open large doors to let out residual heat or have trailing electrical leads in every which direction.

The bonus came right at the end when one of the volunteers suggested that between them they could construct a new toilet block which was attached and meant we didn’t have to brave the weather to either get to or use a toilet! This took a lot of extra effort and we are grateful to everyone who gave of their time and to the businesses which supplied materials to allow the work to go ahead.

Going forward there are a few drafts that any farmer would associate with a cattle shed which we hope to minimise, but these will have to wait, as with the lifting of lockdown our hearty volunteers returned back to their day jobs and we offer them our best wishes for a bright future.

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