Who We Are

Way back in 2013 the concept of a mobile Changing Place in Northern Ireland was an outcome to an Ulster University Business Management degree being read by Michael Holden. One of the many lectures that he attended given by Steve Pollard centred around an initial business approach using a Business Model Canvas.

Michael developed the idea from a personal need and experience of not being able to go to a toilet at any outdoor event as they simply did not meet his need.

It was not large enough to take his wheelchair and a personal assistant, not did it have any kind of lifting equipment to move him from his wheelchair to the lavatory.

Following up on the idea post marking Steve Pollard suggested that it was a sound business idea and that it was worth following up. With the help of another student designer a video was put together to help visual the concept and difficulties faced when attending outside events. This was done with the aim to pitch to others as a business idea.

During the period when we were making rough, yet working models being used for testing, the network of interested people who wanted to see it become a reality was growing. Graham Kenny joined the team for social media promotion and attendants were volunteering to work the AccessoLoos It was 2017 before a version was eventually ready for use in the Springtime and it became successful very rapidly. It was not long before a 2nd and 3rd AccessoLoo needed to be built. Today we have 4 AccessoLoos and all those at the leading edge of the operation have a disability in one form of another.

AccessoLoo continues to be creative and innovate with our designs as we listen to user feedback so as to constantly improve the user experience.